The Electric School Bus (ESB) Network National Forum is a dynamic platform tailored for school districts across the nation interested in or actively leading the acceleration of school bus fleet electrification. Through a series of engaging virtual meetings, we unite districts committed to pioneering sustainable transportation solutions.

Collaborate with CALSTART and fellow educators in these forum sessions to explore the nationwide landscape of ESB adoption. Our forums provide an invaluable space where participants not only stay informed about the latest funding opportunities but also benefit from the collective wisdom of industry experts. Gain unique insights, receive crucial updates, and connect with other districts passionately electrifying their school bus fleets. Your journey towards a greener, more sustainable future begins here on a national scale.

Forum Schedule & Registration

ESB Network National Forums occur every other month on the second Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Watch this space for the 2024 forum schedule.


To join the Electric School Bus (ESB) Network National Forum, districts interested in participation are required to register for upcoming meetings. Please visit our registration page and fill out the registration form.

Ask the Experts:

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Interested in a Specific Topic or Missed a Forum? Watch Them Here!

Our forum archives offer a valuable resource for those who may have missed a forum or are keen on exploring specific topics. Immerse yourself in the wealth of knowledge shared during these discussions and witness the remarkable strides made by districts, utilities, and OEMs at the forefront of sustainable school bus fleets.

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